Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 36 -100 days project

Ella had riding lessons very early this morning (Day 36). The lessons are in a gully at the local pony club. It was bitterly cold and in the shadows. I have discovered it is more exciting dressing 'Retro' on nice days. Today's offering is a farm singlet that I have added an old 'peggy' rug (from the hospice) to as a hood. It is very cosy to wear down in the studio at night and on the farm over winter. The earrings are a find from the hospice about 5 years ago. They are 'clip on' ones which can be torturous toward the end of a day teaching... BUT I love them and they are great fun. Man, it has got cold here. Winter has come sooner than normal. Mind you, living on the edge of Egmont national park . . . what can I expect! I have a love hate relationship with the environment here. It is full on. 
But I am still committed to the original idea of moving here to connect more with the environment and live in a more sustainable way. For me this is what the 100 days is about. Recycling clothes and making do has become my passion. I do not manage to do it perfectly every day but the goal is to work toward that ideal. I think it is hard these days to live in a sustainable way due to disconnected community. 
Photo by Ella- aged 12

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