Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am really enjoying ceramics.
We have had Rats in the ceiling!  Couldn't catch them, so decided to poison them.  One took the bait, but died between the ceiling and the top floor of the house - in a place we could not reach!  The decomposing rat smell has been a feature of our place for the last month or so.  This is a tribute to our Rat.
I don't like killing creatures.

At one point this rat was part of a 'shrine' to the memory of the rat... surrounded in daffodils and other bits and pieces on our hearth-as we encouraged the rat on its way... where do rat spirits go?

Sinister man

Having a day catching up on posting new work!  Partly desperation...due to school holidays being over!  This painting was done a while ago.  I like his slightly sinister undertones...are the red circles happy like balloons at a party OR are they like dribbling gunshot wounds?

Country kids

Just finished this painting for the Taranaki Art Review.  It is a about a time when kids roamed in the country, poked dead things with sticks, believed in the Easter Bunny and that inanimate objects could have life.... like the branch that you sit astride and it could be a horse  or a stick that becomes King Arthur's sword!  The rabbit is a small statue that lives on my stereo.  In fact there is a pair of them.... sitting watchful over the kitchen.  I just had to include the rabbit in the painting!

Twisted little creatures

Recently I have started "rescuing" soft toys that are languishing in second hand shops. I give them new faces and add quirky bits to give them character. The only problem is that the house is now filling up with these 'friends'....AND I do not like soft toys......BUT I do like these little friends. These are two recent ones. The cat is 'Growltiger'. Can't think of a name for the 'pretty chick thing'.  Hey!  Maybe that is it's name!  Sorry they are sideways.  Couldn't for the life of me work out how to rotate the image .