Thursday, May 27, 2010

Big changes!

What a ride the last few months have been!  Sold the house... sold the farm.....  brought a new farm....moved the studio ....and resigned from my job as an art teacher!  Going to a teaching job for two terms...teaching little tackers again! (8 and 9 year olds).  First time I will have been in a non permanent job since I started teaching in 1986.  I am looking forward to teaching topic, handwriting, maths, writing etc.....
Art teaching can be a bit like eating 'McDonalds' at every meal.  Nice at first...but the novelty starts to wear off and you crave variety.
Anyway...the new studio is about to be lined with plywood and white washed.  We  are going to polish the concrete floor- and I know it will look cool.  BUT at the moment it looks like this.  AND yes....I AM having issues with it.  Today I moved my table into the house until the studio is done.  It has rained most of the last 7 weeks here.  The house is I can work up here and be in denial about the rats and grime in the studio/shed.