Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 35 -100 days project

I haven't worn this dress much. I remember clearly the last time I wore it. The doctor rang when I was on holiday, 5 hours from home on top of Te Mata peak near Napier, to tell me that my daughter and I had tested positive for swine flu. It was a bit of a drama as it was at the start of the swine flu epidemic and was a notifiable disease. We had been very sick. I haven't worn the dress since as it triggers some pretty sick feelings! The dress has an intense koru type pattern all over it. The label in the neck indicates it is 1960 ish. The bag is a long time favourite. A hospice find with great detail in relief. 
The bantam hens in the background and Basil the rooster. . . that is another whole long story!

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