Saturday, December 19, 2009

End of year- ARTROOM

Just packed up and stacked for the Christmas holidays.  Found this photo and liked it.  I like setting up the room for the year.   Always full of promise of new students to meet and new creativities to do.

'He manu rere'-the flip side

Here is the flip side of the book.  This will probably be posted in the wrong order!  Details about the book in the previous post.

Me he manu rere ahau e

I always liked this song.  Used to hear it a lot when I was a child.  Currently 'nostalgia' is a theme in my work  and a chance to combine this theme with a growing interest in the 'community of birds' that co exists with us (in society) was too good to miss.  This fold out book sits on my desk at home.  Reminiscent of the  books that many teachers of junior children would have made over the years.  The book is in Maori and English.  It has a front and a back....I will post the 'backside' in a few minutes.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Small grumpy dog

This little dog is in the kiln as we speak/write.  SADLY though the tail was knocked off in the transportation to the kiln @ Devon.  It was a little 'piggy' type curly tail.  My pottery tutor  (Dianne Somers) has tried reattaching it for me... so I hope it survives.  Will post photos in the next wee while when it is out of the kiln.  I am working on a series of 'grumpy dogs' and 'wild cats.'  The cat I am doing at the moment is called 'Roadkill'.  It is the instant just before impact.  Bright wide eyes. Arched back.  Tense.  Just how I feel as a teacher at the end of the year!  Difference being... I will survive with the promise of a new year and the future.  Unlike the road kill cat.  Photos soon.

End of year

It is 'odd' at the end of year to be packing up the classroom... sad.  But also full of promise for the new year.  I took down this display yesterday.  It was a topic I particularly enjoyed teaching with my students.  Photographed it for the 'record'.  This topic really captured the students imagination and appealed to their experiences.... it was easy to make art history links as well.  Starting to think of topics for next year......suggestions?