Saturday, July 10, 2010

Falling into place...the new baby!

                                                                                                                                   Finally life has settled down enough to start blogging regularly again. The blog will be slighty changed in focus and will be a diary of sorts about the developments at the farm and studio.  We plan to develop the studio so we can open twice a year.  So many new starts happening.... new farm, new job, new studio AND the long awaited (far from new) caravan.  For years I have wanted a caravan to "retro up".  I have even been collecting bits and pieces from the hospice shop for the last ten years and packaging them up into boxes labelled caravan.  Recently we saw on 'Trade Me' the long awaited 'ONE'...a sprite 400/Elk.  It coincided with a Polish caravaning magazine contacting me to see if they could use the caravan painting  series on my blog for their magazine and on their website.  I had a look at the web site the other day and the work is there but it is all in Polish!  So I have no idea what it says.
I have started work on the caravan....but  it has rained here for about 8 weeks solid.  Mud city.  Here is a photo of the 'baby' just home from Tauranga.  Untouched as yet.