Friday, August 3, 2012

Brown puppy

This little puppy is from the last firing. He is a bit of an 'eager beaver'!


More vessels from the last kiln load.

Annual potters exhibition

Did the posters for the New Plymouth potters annual exhibition again. Here they are.


New candlesticks out of the kiln. Continuing the theme of using old doodling patterns found in notebooks. This may be a dying inspiration, as since I have got an i pad, doodling is not something I do much during meetings anymore! I believe doodling is good for the mind and triggers many creative ideas....what does the demise of doodling mean for society?

Black dog with red spiky collar

Another dog from the last kiln load. A happy little puppy. Sold


Spike is one of my favorites. His big head made it tricky to get him to balance. He has sold and gone to a caring new home.