Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Artist- in- Residence"

This painting was one I did a few years ago.  I was 'artist- in -residence'  at Woodleigh school for a term.  This is not the full painting just detail from a section.  All up in size, it was about a metre by a metre and a bit. It is in gouache and ink. Currently it hangs in the Principals office.  The school was developing its 'outdoor classroom' area in the bush adjacent to the school. Classes would often go over there to read.  I painted this painting during the 'artist -in -residence' time, based on the outdoor classroom. Pupils at the school posed as models.  I worked in the library and as classes visited the library during their regular library time they could watch me work.  I found it disconcerting being watched and as I like solitude when I paint, it was interesting to try to work with a large group watching and discussing the painting with the 'up frontness' that children have!


  1. Great times reading over in the bush. That was a place I'll always remember. We are lucky in New Zealand to have schools surrounded by trees, streams and dirt.

    And you were a great art teacher!

  2. Thanks Charley! I enjoyed teaching you!