Saturday, October 9, 2010

No dogs!

This sign could well be for me, as I am over our new dog at the moment!  I love her dearly BUT...  She is a one man destruction machine! She chews everything including my large plastic pink flamingoes that were in the garden.  I found her munching them on the front lawn the other morning.  Her poo has had pink plastic bits in it for the last few days....gross.  Just as well we live on a farmlet, because I must have looked a sight chasing the dog around the outside of the house in my scruffy pajamas, yelling "bad girl!" and waving the remains of a large pink plastic flamingo in the air!
However, I was asked to do a series of signs for Woodleigh Primary School.  I love doing signs.  My Dad was a signwriter before computers took over a lot of that work.  I used to love watching him work and admired his steady hand and skill with lettering.
This is the first in a series I am doing for the school. 

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