Friday, April 6, 2012

100 days project

The 100 days project is an online 'live' project that evolves over 100 days.  100 designers over 100 days and 100 projects. This year I am doing a project starting on 20 April.  For 100 days you must repeat a design operation of your choosing. The operation must be repeated in some form every day and it must be recorded for eventual presentation. The medium is open.  
More about the 100 days project and the 100 projects can be found at this link.
My project is called 'Dress ups'. For 100 days I will 'catalogue' my retro clothes collection by dressing up in a different outfit. I will wear it to work and photograph it at some point during the day...sometimes the whole outfit..sometimes the detail...and record it on my blog. Recently the collection has got out of control. I have been thinking a photo of each outfit on the wardrobe door would make life alot easier trying to get ready for work each morning. I see dress as an expression of my creativity and have always been attracted to those photos of Tokyo youth dressing up in unusual ways. There is a name for it but I cannot remember what it is.  Also I like the Blyde dolls idea...dress ups and photos.
An interesting 'off-shoot' will be that I can't take my own photo so will have to hand the camera over to work mates to record the outfit.

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