Thursday, July 21, 2011

This little pony

Well we moved to the farmlet...and did the 'old MacDonald' thing....chickens, goat, cattle, pukekos, tui, wood pidgeons, puppy etc etc.  Got Ella a pony.  He is called Taffy and is very strong willed. This little pony started another whole string of changes in my life.  New car...pony club...float...
But most of all he has made me face some things from my childhood that scare me.  I used to ride alot but due to events in my middle teens I got too scared to do stuff.  I became very self protective and self contained.  I decided to buy myself a horse too and face those fears.  Has it worked? Yes...but not cured.... I love him to bits but only spend a few minutes on him at a time before I panic. But I have decided that probably that is the point...take it easy, don't go too fast and just enjoy the moment (the ride) for what it is. Wow...time to stop being so deep and meaningful.

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