Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rat's revenge!

Well, opening the kiln this time I got more than I bargained for! An explosion of legs arms and heads! Never happened before! 'Fright' the cat certainly got one and there wasn't much left of the rat (see front right of the picture above). I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Certainly the irony of many late, frosty and wet nights in the studio to work on this firing was not lost on me. Think I will go with the laugh option. 

So now I am left pondering why?
Firing temp? Clay body (Keanes white Raku)? Joins?  It was two sculptural pieces on two different shelves that took out the others...the Rat and the cat.

A happy ending?
Not sure! But it has made me not have any expectations about the glaze firing this weekend. I have slapped on oxides and other chemical concoctions...dribbled glazes and I have no doubt now that when I open the kiln next week, it will be a complete surprise...just like Christmas used to be! 

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