Monday, June 20, 2011

Chalk Millie

In a recent studio clean up I found this chalk drawing of my daughter. When I was art teaching at Highlands Intermediate she would come to my classroom after school and take lots of pictures of herself in different poses looking into the computer using 'photo booth'. (This was five years ago). It used to make me feel really cross. This drawing is from one of the photo booth photos. Today she took delivery of her very own mac book for her to take to university next year. This drawing appeals to me... not only because she is my daughter and she is very cool...everything a Mum could want...BUT also because my favourite all time movie is 'Amelie'.  In this movie the main character is involved in a situation around photo booths in the french city she lives in.

I love the energy of working fast and furious in chalk.  It is dusty and rough around the edges.  I like to see the energy of 'mark making' in artworks.
I like how she looks sneaky and 'caught out'..but only I know why......until now!

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