Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Gardener

Funny how you look back on work and think 'OH MY GOODNESS!'.  This painting is one of those.  The handling of the face seems clumsy now...But I still relate to the symbolism it contains.  I painted it about 12 years ago.  It is of me holding flowers in the garden just after my Dad died of cancer.  The painting itself is very large.  About 1 metre by 2 metres. It was more of a contemplation about life and how life 'morph's' and changes in subtle ways over our life time.  The sunflowers were reminiscent of my time with my first husband.  I have strong memories of riding through central Turkey on mopeds amongst vast fields of sunflowers.  I remember feeling a sense of freedom and promise that I could achieve whatever I wanted with my life.  The Necklace was given to me by my second husband.  I loved the way it felt on my skin....wire and cold stones.  I liked how it encircled me and sat near my throat...symbolising how he was giving me 'voice' to be who I wanted to be.  The foxgloves are a beautiful flower but contain deadly poisons all is not pretty below the surface in the garden.
Dad struggled all his life with trusting in his creativity and I think in the end his lack of faith in himself consumed him.  The foxgloves symbolize to me that double edged sword of can be a very positive trait or a negative trait.

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