Wednesday, March 23, 2011

pigtails woodcut

I have been sorting out things around the studio and came across this woodcut.  It reminded me of a series of 20 woodcuts that I did, that didn't really do it for me...but after a while I painted over parts of them and really liked the effect of the shiny ink showing through the acrylic paint.  In some places I painted thickly and in others I just did a wash over the image.  The chunky paint and the subtle textures haven't shown up in the photo.  I ended up framing six of these prints in a row, in one frame, and have been very pleased with how it looks.  The prints are a range of colours and some look happy and others moody.  They remind me of the range of moods and 'dramas' that I encounter in the playground when I am on duty at lunchtime.

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