Saturday, January 29, 2011

The log flume commission.

Recently a couple in Tauranga contacted me via email and asked me to do a commission based on this photo.  The photo was taken in the 1970's (I think) on a family holiday to America. The photo was of their children on the log flume at Knott's berry farm.  The finished painting is the top image.  Having had a bit of distance from the painting, I have decided I am now okay with it.  It was very hard to do.  I think this was because of not having an emotional connection with the figures I was painting... so it was hard to capture their mannerisms. I really wanted it to be successful for the couple as well.  They sent me a note saying it was just what they wanted.....I felt relieved.  The painting certainly raised the 'ugly head' of philosophical debate about commissions again for me.  Usually I don't like them during the process and am reluctant to take them on...but they really do make me think and work through ideas carefully in the planning stages.  There is an element of creative discipline about them which is rewarding. 

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