Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ella's missing tooth

On my dressing table I have three little metal containers.  Each one has teeth in from the children, collected over the last fifteen years.  Whoops!  What I mean is, teeth that the 'tooth fairy' has collected over the years.  She has always left money but not taken the teeth!  See the Post a few back about 'Funny Bunnies' to get the drift of my mixed feelings about the things we tell our kids...mixed messages.  But I do also think a sense of mystery and a sense of magic in the world is good.  ANYWAY...this painting is large.  About a meter and a half long by a meter high.  It is of us with Ella proudly showing off her first missing front tooth.  I sort of wanted it to look sugary sweet ( like a dental nurses nightmare!) and a bit magical.

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