Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drypoint Etching

Two little drypoint prints done last year.  The process of making a 'drypoint' is so cool!  I love the structure and discipline involved in scratching the plastic.  Then the printing part is almost the opposite where you get to bring the image to life by working the ink into the plastic.  It is a cross between drawing and painting.  So very exciting!  I have been loaned a press for the year.  It is a beautiful thing.


  1. Hi Deborah ,
    LOVE THE ABOVE IMAGES , I too love dry points . I use perspex and i see you do too ;)

    how did you start printing ? was it through education you found your passion ?

    Who is your favourite etching artist and why ?

    I am a college student in the UK , third year college student at that. developing a portfolio for uni and researching into dry points

    hope to hear from you soon

  2. Hi! I am sorry I have not replied earlier. I have not been blogging much and only just found your message. Very busy at work. I was an art teacher and that was how I got into printing. I have always been a painter but now mainly do ceramics and drypoint. My daughter is at art school. She is really liking printmaking too.