Sunday, March 21, 2010

Compulsive collector!

I like to collect things.  It is more than a 'like'... it is an obsession, a need.  I sometimes wonder if I have a touch of Asperges syndrome.  Seriously.  I get overly intense about things.  I go through phases of intense interest in certain items.  I get very excited by the shape, color and the memories associated with the items. Some of the collections include shell necklaces (see above), old toy trolls, microscopes, fondue sets, colored glass, white vases, glass paper weights, kitsch ornaments, airline bags, tacky tourist souvenirs, old silver and black cameras... look to be honest the list is endless!  My husband is a minimalist and I am a compulsive collector.  For the last six months many of my 'finds' have just been stored in the boxes under the house as soon as I get them.  We/I had quite simply run out of places to put the 'treasures'.  We are moving to a bigger house soon out in the country.  It is going to be exciting opening boxes and 're- discovering' and arranging the collections.  I do sense a need to cull some things though.  The necklaces in the picture are a 'fraction' of the collection of Pacific Island art and craft.  I love the shadow these necklaces cast on the white wall.  Recently I have been pondering my need to collect. It is true the things give me great joy to behold and consider where they have been on the journey to get to me.  But what does this say about me?  Am I being materialistic?  Am I being greedy? Sometimes it makes my head hurt pondering this issue.  However just recently, during a discussion with my daughter about her career options, it occurred to me that I missed my vocation.  I would have liked to have been a museum curator.  SO maybe I need to be kinder on myself and accept that compulsively collecting is okay. (and I am in charge of my own 'museum')  

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