Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Angel project

Over the last few christmas 'build-ups', the kids and I have made christmas Angels out of old wooden pegs, wallpaper, buttons, ribbon, cushion filling and feathers.  The challenge has been to make them without buying new stuff.  We attached a 'virtue' (google 'virtues project for more information) and a statement about the things we liked about the person we were giving the Angel to.  These were attached to their waist band (see above).
Last Christmas we made extra Angels and decided to go on a drive around town randomly leaving Angels in places where they would be found by strangers.  Some times we stayed to see who found them....but mostly we didn't.  It was fun and we really enjoyed speculating about who may have found them.  Once we ran back and picked up an angel we had just left on a seat outside a supermarket, as we decided she was too vulnerable where we had left her...we were worried who would find was kind of a dodgy, scary area.  She is still here at home.  My youngest daughter has her in her room and gets edgy if we mention leaving the last angel anywhere.

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