Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The colony

I had great fun doing this project with some students at school. They were so much more inventive than me....making pouches and all kinds of 'add ons' to their creatures. I was touched by the student who brought along her childhood bear...she had had it since she was a baby...but wanted to give it new life and meaning for her. It was a shame the article wanted to focus on the dismemberment side and use selected statements to make it sound more dramatic than it was. It was all done tastefully and was about giving new life to toys hanging about in the bins at the hospice. Essentially the project was about design and aimed at engaging adolescent boys in a design project. Actually the boys loved the sewing and gave up many lunch times to come to the 'sewing circle'. I was gutted when I got a complaint from victim support about the project. They argued I was maltreating soft toys and teaching students to be aggressive. I gave up art teaching shortly after.

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