Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little Faces

Recently I found lots of old wooden villa light fittings. Layers and layers of lead paint. So cool. I just got another kiln last weekend. Electric and small. I feel I am on the brink of a major break through! I am loving the small critters mounted on the light trophy heads. The rabbits have been 'munting' our place with the drought. They dig deep holes that are a risk to the big animals...especially the horses. I know they just want to get along and do the best they can surviving in this world in tough times.....but man they are annoying...whoops...going into a 'rant'. Back to the point...enjoying the faces on old light switches.  Love thinking about the history of the switches...the fear associated with turning the light off...the love in the dark after the light is off... the tiredness and the security (and not) associated with going to bed.
Heaps in the next firing. Excited.

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