Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Going grey and issues with symmetry.

Lately I have been having a few issues around NOT aging gracefully. There are so few positive role models out there for middle aged women. On a number of levels I do not want to go out with a whimper. So...Lets consider one question.."To dye or not to dye?" has been a pressing question. Philosophically I should not...it is expensive and toxic and does not fit into what we are trying to do here. BUT..I have this small patch of grey that is like a zebra stripe. No where else...just this stripe. Now, I know I should let it be...but..I have a few 'issues' and symmetry is one of them. This grey patch is not symmetrical...it is to one side. I know I have Ausperger's tendencies and I can cope with that...but can I cope with letting the grey make things weird? BUT then I found this picture! She has the same hair style as me. But is grey...proud...feisty and looks cool ! There is hope...
I don't know who she is...but she looks fantastic!

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