Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 25- 100 days project

I love heavily patterned retro tops. So easy to wear. I have had this one about 10 years now.


  1. Ha Deborah! These are so fantastic - really enjoying dropping in and catching up on your 100 Days progress...that is one heck of a collection you have going on!
    - Awesome, keep it up

    1. Thanks Honey! It is a cool project. I am having fun digging in the depths of the wardrobe each morning. My husband has moved all his clothes to the spare room so I could 'order' and label the collection for the project. Much overdue! It is all sorted now in clear crates, in categories. Maybe I should put a picture on the blog! The project has also made me sort and mend the pile of op shop 'finds' in the studio that have been waiting to be fixed.