Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 20-100 days project

This dress is handmade. No label. I like to wear it with white boots, a  1950 'British airways' bag and this chain necklace from the 70's. It makes me feel like an air hostess! (That means adventure!) Loved wearing this to school today.  The 5 year olds I teach don't bat an eyelid, but going to the supermarket on the way home is always interesting! Lots of looks up and down...especially if I go 'all out' with the accessories. Our home town is.....well...a 'tad' conservative. I love living in a remote place....get excited by trips to Auckland and Wellington and live in fear each day about not fitting in here. 
Photos by Ella aged 12.
Tonight, Ella asked me if I was going to still dress 'like this' when I was as old as Nana. (Nana is 80) It does worry me. Where next? I better go read "Passages" by Gail Sheeney again! (I feel a mid life crisis coming on!) 

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