Monday, March 12, 2012

The busy little men!

When we were in Raglan over summer I discovered the most amazing place. The community recycling center. Now, you would think that being into recycling/'upcycling' that I would have discovered this sometime before now, in my 20 or so years of going to Raglan for summer....well no.  I happened upon the place when passing on my way to Summer school at Susan Flight's place on Mount Karori. It is AMAZING.  All community rubbish is collected and sorted and labelled. (My family can tell you how much I am into labels on stuff.) The shop had an amazing collection of useful stuff! My car was already filled to the max with camping paraphernalia. But I managed to squeeze other treasures in. Like a World War 2, canvas camp stretcher. Man, I bet that could tell some stories. That sort of sums up why I collect stuff. I love speculating about the stories that objects carry. Anyway I got two garden gnomes..they had no paint on anymore and looked completely worn out and 'over' being garden gnomes! It has been fun to repaint them and bring them back to their 'glory' days.  Now on the doorstep, I look at them and they bring me joy.

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