Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recycled deck-chairs@twist

There has been a lack of blogging lately due to 'dodgy' Internet connections. Rural living has its pitfalls. Although I would have to say I have been pushed to the limit waiting for things to load has reminded me how much of an instant gratification world we have become and how patience, the ability to observe and empathise are becoming a lost art. ANYWAY... I have been buying old deckchairs from the hospice and other junk shops and using test pots to vent my feelings on things. This chair is very comfy and is called the 'I AM so over you chair'. (Inspired by 'discussions' with my teenage daughter). All the chairs start with the 'I AM' statement. If you are not from New Zealand you may not get the reference to Colin McCahon's 'I AM' paintings. Do google his work. It is very cool. I have a series of these chairs on the go...for no other purpose than a bit of fun! (and to send 'snaky' messages.)

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