Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moving stuff on!

Sometimes it is good to clear out stuff and move it on !? Make room for the new. Due to way too little time to create lately and the need to put work in a local exhibition I have had to look again at work I have up around the house that could be used. I have got so used to some of the work that I don't really notice them anymore. I have had to step back and try to see them in a more critical light.  Up to now I have tried to keep one work from each stage I have gone through.  The exhibition is timed to be on during world cup games and is called 'The Blue Line'. I like this title.  It is called this due the the blue line our local council has painted along the footpath to led visitors for the world cup from the centre of town to the stadium. A distance of about three kilometres. Quirky little idea!

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