Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back at full time work...

I enjoyed working part time for the first half of this year.  Making labels for the garden, bottling the surplus fruit from the orchards, making art, developing the garden.... etc. I felt like a real woman/mother! It was such a change from being full on teaching.  I never really had time off with the kids when they were little. I was focussed on the teaching and career path. The last five years or so I have had a shift in thinking.  I am no longer career focussed. I don't think it has made my teaching any has just made me more balanced about what is important.  It was nice to be able to be fully 'there' for them the last 6 to listen..not saying 'Hurry up' all the time. Being back full time teaching is pretty full on but it is nice to have my own class again. They are new entrants.  I love seeing how they change so much over the first few weeks at school. 

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