Sunday, June 12, 2011

Woolly sheep.

I am sitting on the couch reflecting on the wild night outside.  Lightening and crashing thunder overhead.  The whole works! Bit worried about the horses out in this. Went to the studio tonight and the heat gun blew up! It must have sensed the coming storm and that I am stressed about going back to work full time for 6 months and therefore have the 'impending dooms'!  In this damp and rain it is hard to get work to dry....will have to get another one when I am in town next week.

This sheep has just sold at KINA.  I did this piece at a weekend course last year with potter Fiona Tunnicliffe. I was so impressed by how she would stamp and then rip the clay into strips...and also build her works from the bottom up.  Usually I build from the head down.  Much more stability is gained from starting at the bottom and working up.  Also I loved how she used a butane torch to dry and strengthen the clay as she worked.  The flame was very exciting and effective, but too much for me.  I have stuck to my heat gun but admire her methods.

Initially I did not like this sheep.  It is very different to other works I have done.  However after glazing I have decided I like the contrast between the oxides and the Abbots white glaze.  Also I like how the Abbots clear went a bit green, I presume due to the oxides.  I also like how the teeth worked out in the sheep.  Funny wee creatures. 

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