Friday, June 10, 2011

Twisted toys...etc....

Oh my lordy, there has been a lack of blogging lately!  It is not because I haven't been creating. I have ALOT.  So much so, that getting time to update the blog has been tricky....the creating has been varied......  clay, home, farm (buying horses, cars and floats), finishing the studio, painting, making business cards, setting up classrooms (I am going back to work full time for 6 months)......DO YOU GET THE IDEA?  Here I am trying to simplify things and this place is making our lives even crazier!
I have a love/hate relationship with the farmlet.  It is very time consuming developing this place and being up on the side of a mountain range does make for a lot of rain and dampness and mud.  Tonight I was feeding the horses and dealing with the mud from the rolling frenzy they had engaged in during the two hours without covers on...but the worse bit was dealing with the mud trying to suck me in (and underground) via my gumboots.  It truely had me in a hold and was not going to give up!
But back to the picture above.  I like to get toys from the hospice that were previously loved... and add to them.  I add bits and cut bits off...paint new bits (like faces) and add them on.  Last year victim support complained about what I was doing.  This bothered me as I feel that it is not harming the toy...just helping them be 'loved' again. 
HOWEVER, this has raised issues in my mind about do we have to be fresh and  'new' to be loved/desired/wanted? Does being older and a bit craggy around the edges make us less desirable.

Hey...I suspect this is too big a discussion, for this forum, here and now!

P.S- The dog has taken a fancy to 'snatching' these toys from the studio and tearing them to shreds when I am not looking.  Holy hell! What is that about!?

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