Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When your number is up.....

Lately I have been pondering the purpose of it all.  With so much uncertainty in the world at present (Christchurch and Japan earthquakes...Libya etc etc) and the fact we live on the side of a volcano it makes sense at this time to reflect on life. This wonky bowl will fire black and white.  It has numbers scratched in the under glaze. It will have a scraffito effect when fired. On the legs I have used old school rubber stamps of the numbers to 100.... the ones we used before photocopiers... and got ink all over our fingers when we stamped the grid in the maths books. (now my age is showing!)  The numbers on the legs are not clear in the photo but will fire well I think.
When will my number be up?  Who knows but I am guessing I just have to get on with life and enjoy it.
Hey! I also think there is something sort of wacky about how the bowl will be fired with flame in a gas kiln and that we live on a volcano........

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