Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The painting corner.

Lining the studio continues.  Soon we will paint the walls all white and polish the concrete floors.  It has come along way from the farm shed.  We (My husband and his Dad...awesome men) have taken out roller doors, put in new windows, lighting, gardens etc. It has become a light and airy place to work.  I have set up camp in one corner to start painting again.  The shed is bigger than the house.  An elephant would have room to rattle around inside it!  There is the pottery studio part and the print making part and the sewing part and the printing part.  I have even parked up the caravan inside to work on over winter AND still have stacks of room!  How lucky am I?  Now I just need to create!  HOWEVER  the farmlet is in 'do up' phase... so there is always something to do urgently here.

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