Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy times!

Wow!  There has been a lack of blogging lately.  It has been pretty intense the last 6 months. It was great being back teaching little tackers (7 and 8 year olds) and teaching the whole curriculum instead of just art.  The lack of blogs reflect a lack of my own creative work as I threw myself into teaching and into sorting the farmlet out.  Vege gardens are in... pony brought.... kiln brought.... studio nearly finished....
This year I am working two days a week teaching and spending the rest of the time  developing the farm and studio.  At times I think I am in heaven and at others times I wonder what the hell I am doing.  Farmlet life has huge highs and lows-(for example, the first walnuts dropped today... way too early due to the wind and we think the dog mauled the neighbours chickens)...
At the end of last year I did a unit with my class called 'inside out'.  It was great fun.... we took apart dead things (respectfully) and undertook all sorts of interesting studies.  I loved the detailed drawings the students did of skeletons prior to the study (to record their prior  Knowledge).

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