Monday, October 25, 2010


We are plagued with rabbits!  So cute....well I think so.  They drive Clyde insane!  The dog (Jess) has started catching them and bringing them home to devour on the front lawn.  I still have the image from yesterday in my head of the dog at the back door with a rabbits bottom and legs hanging out her leg on each side and the fluffy tail in the middle.  With one or two chomps it was gone!  Jess has also started catching birds.  Her and the cat seem to be going through some weird role reversal thing. Walking down Surrey Hill Road yesterday Clyde and I saw eight rabbits in a small stretch of road.....running around bold as brass....even stopping to check us out!  Also saw the quail family.  They are slightly suicidal and run across the road each morning in front of the car as I go to work.
The rabbit above makes a change from making dogs anyway. 

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