Monday, September 13, 2010

A weekend of play with clay.

Last weekend I went to a pottery workshop on hand building with Fiona Tunnicliffe.  It was such an eye opener!  I loved experimenting with different ways of joining and attaching.  I also joined the local potters society and now have a key to the rooms.  It is so exciting and frustrating!....I have 15 weeks of major working to go in my teaching job.... That and the farm and studio development  doesn't leave much time for anything else like actually making art.. I am so looking forward to next year when my major focus is the studio and farm.  The critter below is a sort of lamb in a reptilian coat.  I don't like how it reminds me of chinese mass produced ceramic dogs.  BUT I do like the face, ears and neck part.  I will have to be careful with moving it to the Kiln room and next stages of the firing.  It is the most complex thing I have made.  The next problem is what to glaze it in so that it doesn't look like a chinese ceramic dog.  That is not a put down...I  am wanting to avoid the mass produced ceramic look.

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