Saturday, September 18, 2010

Urban knitters

Recently there was an 'urban knitting' thing at the Govett Brewster art gallery.  A massive scarf was knitted, all in white wool, in a variety of textures.  It was made by who-ever was passing and wanted to add a row...or two...or three....  It was then auctioned off.  My ten year old, Ella, was very excited about adding her part to the scarf on a wet Sunday afternoon. We spent ages there while she added her row (80 stitches across).
The gallery also had an urban knitting/graffiti knitting afternoon, where people came and knitted around/over parking meters, fences, doorhandles, lamp-posts etc.  That part of town is a pleasure to travel through at the moment...the knitted flowers in the wire fences and the small odd parts of knitting you find in unexpected places are just a delight and make my day!

1 comment:

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