Saturday, August 28, 2010

Te whare kuri

Clyde's dad just made a new kennel for Jess. When it arrived on the back of the ute we all thought it looked like a whare.  So I painted it up with Kowhaiwhai patterns and called it "Te whare kuri".  In Maori "kuri" is dog and "whare" is house.  Within a week, she has trashed her whare... chewing at the roof and constantly dragging out the blanket.  The chickens have taken a shine to it and are constantly popping in and out.  There is a bit of a battle going on between the dog and the chickens at the moment.  Jess is very keen to spend her day rounding them up... they look like they are over her antics... but I sense this is one story that has not been played out fully yet.  I like making signs, they satisfy me.  I love well labelled things...  My dad was a 'sign writer' and I may have got that from him.  Sorry Jess. (But I hope you still like it!)

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