Monday, August 23, 2010

London Buses

I hope the quality of this image is okay.  It was taken along time ago when I did not have a digital camera.  I no longer have the painting.
A few years ago when I lived in London I did a series of paintings about London buses.  Originally they were in response to a painting I had seen at the Tate Gallery.  Each morning on the way to work I would watch someone I saw and examine them closely.  At night I would put them in the painting.  I was always in the paintings.  Usually I was carrying  the leather satchel that I had brought in Greece.  I was so in love with that bag! In the end the series numbered about 10 paintings.  Most were painted with gouache on paper.  Back in New Zealand I did a couple of Acrylic versions as well.  All have sold now

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