Monday, March 22, 2010


This painting was done about ten years ago.  I rediscovered it when we were packing.  It is one I have always kept as representing a particular style in my painting at the time.  Many aspects of it frustrate and annoy me now. However two things captured my interest about it.  One is the Hydrangea flowers which I remember being tricky at the time to do.  The place we are moving was an export flower business.  There are a lot of Hydrangeas there.... did I know something back then?  The other is the shift in my art over the last ten years from representing a scene for the wall (decor art) to making work that has a more conceptual base to it.  Ten years ago I would have looked at this and thought... Hmmm... pretty picture.  Now I look at it and it makes me ponder how I feel about Taranaki.  Is it all  sunny and rosy here?  Has living here changed?  I think it has.  Not the innocent friendly place it was.  I am not sure I agree anymore with the commonly said phrase "great place to bring up kids".  Or is it just that generally there is a more sinister undercurrent now in society as a whole?...or is it just that I am now older and more cynical?

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