Thursday, January 7, 2010

Favourite spots in the garden

These are a couple of my favourite spots in the garden at the moment.  I used to hate succulents.  But just over the last year I have come to really love their form and strength.  The pink flamingoes are much brighter in real life.  So plastic.... so 'kitch'... so  pointless and fun.  The bottom photo is out of the dining room window.  The goddess cabbage tree trunks are so strong.  What a fantastic plant.  It is like a cabbage tree but doesn't drop all the leaves over  the lawn  like a traditional cabbage they drop those long brown spears and they get all caught up in the mower and piss you off when you try to mow?  WELL.....this plant doesn't do that.  Reading this back-I think I am in danger of becoming a boring old fart! Who really cares about the cabbage tree spears?  I do. (They piss me off)

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