Friday, December 11, 2009

Small grumpy dog

This little dog is in the kiln as we speak/write.  SADLY though the tail was knocked off in the transportation to the kiln @ Devon.  It was a little 'piggy' type curly tail.  My pottery tutor  (Dianne Somers) has tried reattaching it for me... so I hope it survives.  Will post photos in the next wee while when it is out of the kiln.  I am working on a series of 'grumpy dogs' and 'wild cats.'  The cat I am doing at the moment is called 'Roadkill'.  It is the instant just before impact.  Bright wide eyes. Arched back.  Tense.  Just how I feel as a teacher at the end of the year!  Difference being... I will survive with the promise of a new year and the future.  Unlike the road kill cat.  Photos soon.

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