Sunday, November 29, 2009

Summer holidays coming my way!

Every year we go camping at Raglan.  Last Summer I started doing 'a caravan a day' series.  I have always wanted to buy an old caravan and "retro-fit" it.  One of these days I will....  So.... in the early morning I would pick out my caravan from the camp ground.  Then during the day I would find reasons to walk past it... lots and lots of times.... to look at detail and take it in my head back to the tent where I would continue with the painting.  I wasn't allowed to go to bed till I had finished the painting.  'Oxfords' were my favourite.... and I wanted to do a 'sprite' but couldn't find one.  Oh! The games we play with ourselves!.... But I was so proud of the little colony of caravans that built up in the tent.  I wonder how many people on holiday I made paranoid with my staring intently at them and their caravans.  I am getting so excited by the coming camping trip!

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