Sunday, November 29, 2009

Millie and the Maori maiden

Just finished this for an exhibition locally.  It is of my daughter  (irish/scottish heritage) with a doll that sits on our kitchen window sill.  The doll is tiny.  It is one like tourists buy.  You can get the boy warrior one too.  So totally not 'PC'.  But I love the look on the dolls she watches everything going on in the house....behind them is our home town.  The town itself a meeting of Maori and Pakeha as far back as the early whalers in the 1830's.  Five hundred metres from our kitchen window is where some of the first English settlers landed when they arrived in our town.  I like the irony of it all.  I liked playing with the scale of the figures.  Unfortunately my family said they just didn't get it.  Never mind I like it.

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