Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bloody good dog!

One of my first works in clay.  Clay is such a treat to work with!  I love how even after a piece is fired and glazed... if you pick it up it will fit your hand like a part of still fits into the grooves where you held it as you made it... An extension of you. Your hand will fit naturally into the places where it was held  as you made it. So it is like two parts of a puzzle coming together to make a whole- the creater and the created.

'Bloody good dog' has a school attendance medal attached to his collar.  It's the sort they used to give out to students who attended school without fail.  The dog wearing this attendance medal brings up for me issues of faithfulness and loyalty...
blind faith to a system or an owner. 
That has positive and negative undertones.

July 5 2011- I look back at this work now and can see how far on my new clay work has come.  Still dogs and creatures. This work was a major shift in focus in the media I used.  I was a painter...and may be again.....but working with a living clay and reworking its shape (like a shapeshifter) is so cool.

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